About Us

Over a decade ago, two young and energetic sisters, along with the loving and constant support of their mum and dad (Chris & Androulla) decided to enter into the world of haberdashery and founded the company Suzie May Crafts.

When naming the company, they decided on Suzie May Crafts, as they liked the names and believed that it had a very crafty and vintage feel to it. Suppliers would refer to one sister as Suzie and the other as May to differentiate between the two when on the phone. This started as a running joke and before long became the sisters nicknames thus Suzie and May were born, and they would use these names during the working day.

Suzie May Crafts has evolved over the years. It has gotten to where it is today through sheer determination and a vow to never give up. Being a family run business at heart their personal touch has always shone through.

In the beginning Suzie & May started a basic online haberdashery store with very limited knowledge and resources. Over the years their quality customer service coupled with their passion for providing a high standard of products gained them a promising and loyal customer base.

Besides the help from their parents the sisters received immense support from their Auntie Jojo, who also worked in the business with them as a founding team member.

All families grow with time. This one is certainly no exception with the sisters having children of their own and more of their wonderful family members joining the working team.

During the growth of Suzie May Crafts however, they were dealt a devastating blow which left everyone shattered, when wonderful Auntie Jojo suddenly passed away with no warning.

She was such a special source of great moral and personal support in the business, everybody was left hurting, and for the first time since starting Suzie May Crafts the family took a few weeks off to mourn.

Despite this and other personal tragedies and challenges faced over the years, the determination and strong work ethic of the sisters and team kept Suzie May Crafts progressing from strength to strength.

Over the years the team has dedicated its time to nurturing long lasting relationships with hand-picked market leading suppliers, and with their loyal customers. Their customer focussed approach meant using constructive feedback to inspire new exciting lines which gradually and consistently grew the business to where it is today.

“Our passion and enthusiasm have created Suzie May Crafts as you see it today: A vibrant and knowledgeable business with an outstanding reputation for selling quality fabrics and haberdashery products all wrapped affectionately with excellent customer service”

– Suzie

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for visiting our website and for your continued support!

Together we will continue to nurture and progress our business with the dream in mind that one day we will be a household name that we as a family will always be proud of!

Love Suzie & May xx